Just some of the benefits

The team at Concept one will always ensure your property has the proper draining solutions in place.
With extensive experience installing drainage with practical solutions for your property and garden. Our landscape drainage team will adequately grade and design your outdoor space to ensure the best drainage solution.

If your property is surrounded by natural rock, managing your drainage can be more challenging as it’s often dependent on the natural water flow. Our team are happy to assess your landscape drainage and provide options to help manage your water flow.
Poor drainage can cause a variety of serious problems for your home and garden. Lawns can become bogged or destroyed, and even your house foundations can be affected.

Sadly, adequate landscape drainage is often overlooked. Some landscape designers will only focus on a beautiful design without the proper structural groundwork, retaining walls or drainage support. Our team will always highlight any drainage issues before we commence, allowing us to implement a landscape design that will last.


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